One Night, No Regrets

RENO, NV - It's probably a day you never forgot--your high school graduation.

But do you remember what you did graduation night?

For some North Valley High School seniors, one mom hopes this year the answer will be yes.

”We are taking the kids to Disneyland. This gives them an opportunity, they are away from home. Its a big planning stage, but it gives them an alternative, and hopefully it gives them an opportunity to say hey, I can go with my friends and have fun at a place like the happiest place on earth and have that opportunity so they don't have to make those bad choices,” says Bobbi Anderson, organizer of the North Valleys High School Safe and Sober Night.

Anderson says she's involved in Safe And Sober Nights because she wants to give seniors a positive outlet for their celebration.

Too often we hear of underage drinking and driving or even vandalism that can occur after high school graduations.

Reno police say they don't see a spike in this activity during that time, but they know its likely to occur.

”A lot of times they can turn into fights. So we get the large disturbance calls that come out of that as well. I think with the high fire danger we have to be very careful going into the hills and having parties, especially starting any time of fire. We can see the fire danger is very high this time of year,” says Lt. William Rulla with Reno police.

Law enforcement says now is the time to talk to your senior about safe options graduation night.

One wrong decision could have a big impact on where their lives go from here.

”Any decision can be made on that night. That can affect them life-long. It can affect their college acceptance, It can affect their career, what they cant to do down their career path. Just because of one mistake that night,” says Mike Mieras, Chief of Washoe County School District Police.

Mieras says graduation recognizes a completion of 12 years of school.

On graduation night, use that education.

If your child is participating in a safe and sober night at his or her school, check to see what happens once a student leaves the event.

Some kids will sign in, say they were there and leave early to go to a party.

Some schools have policies that say once you arrive, you're locked in and cannot leave until a certain time.