Old Reno Neighborhood's Historic Plaque Stolen

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Reno police are looking for the thieves who made off with a $2,500 bronze plaque from a monument near the Truckee River recognizing one of the city's oldest neighborhoods.

The roughly one-foot-by-two-foot plaque was on the Powning Pillar in Lunsford Park. It tells the story of the 19th century neighborhood developed by Christopher Columbus Powning, a Reno businessman and newspaper owner bought the land in 1886.

Stretching from Riverside Drive to West Second Street a few blocks west of downtown, the area was known as Reno's "Little Italy."
The Historic Reno Preservation Society and others raised the $16,000 for the stone and red brick monument that was dedicated earlier this year.

Police suspect the thieves stole the plaque for the value of its metal. It's been missing since Oct. 18.