Officials Warn of Ticket Scam Days Before Super Bowl XLVIII

Officials are sending out a warning to people who may have purchased Super Bowl XLVIII tickets on line. Two men have been arrested and facing seven years in prison for selling fake tickets to the game.

Damon Daniels, 43, of the Bronx and Eugene Fladger, 32, of Philadelphia were arrested Monday in Queens after selling 34 tickets valued at $2400 to an undercover officer. They are also charged with selling phony ticket to other Super Bowl related events along with bogus parking passes for MetLife Stadium.

Officials say the tickets were some of the most advanced counterfeiting jobs they've seen.

The tickets were printed on high quality paper and even featured the NFL logo and a bar code. Officials say the tickets would have easily fooled security at the MetLife Stadium on Sunday, and there could be more out there.

The tickets were sold online, and shipped through Fed Ex, according to law enforcement.

About 200 people are sold fake Super Bowl tickets every year. Officials say to make sure your ticket is the real deal, check the back of the ticket. There's a graphic printed with thermachromic ink that will disappear when you apply heat. Then as soon as the ticket cools off, it'll re-appear again.

The game has been officially sold out for months, but you can still buy tickets through ticket brokers. If you are planning a last minute trip to the game, officials say check the vendor's Better Business Bureau rating, get a receipt for the transaction, and always use a credit card to make the purchase.

There is some good news if you want to buy a last-minute ticket. The price of admission is cheaper than some had expected, but it's still going to cost you to get into the game.

According to the NFL Ticket Exchange, the cheapest seats are going for $1700. Ticket prices around this time normally run in the range of $2,500 to $3,000 for the big game.

Some ticket brokers are blaming the cold weather on the price dip. The MetLife Stadium in an outside stadium and temperatures are expected to be in the low-30's or high- 20's.

Other brokers say the teams aren't drawing a crowd and the fan base they do have must travel more than 4,000 miles to get to the game.

Ticker brokers gauge the prices based on how popular a particular Super Bowl is.

The most expensive tickets found on the NFL's Ticket Exchange will cost you dearly. Someone is hoping to sell eight tickets on the Denver Bronco's 50-yard line for $25,572.