Official: No Physical Evidence to Support Murder Allegation in Dayton

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DAYTON, NV - Back in early January, Lyon County Sheriff's deputies began an investigation of a possible homicide taking place at a house located at the 100 block of Railroad Street in Dayton. Officials now say this allegation is unfounded.

According to Detective Lieutenant J.L. Pattison, the allegation of homicide was found to be unfounded after an almost two week investigation.

The official says the Lyon County Sheriff's Office received a tip on January 4, 2014 about an alleged murder that happened before Thanksgiving of 2013.

No victim and no evidence of the crime have been discovered, according to the official.

Detective Lieutenant J. L. Pattison says after numerous interviews, crime scene analysis, and the use of a cadaver dog, no physical evidence or corroborating information was established to support the allegation of a murder.