Officer-Involved Shooting Leaves Man Dead

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It is indicated by the investigation that one Reno Police Officer fired his gun during the incident and no officers were injured.

The officer is on paid administrative leave for the duration of the investigation, which is a normal routine in any case where an officer fires his gun and the bullet hits another person. If the shooting appears to be justified in the investigation, the officer can be returned to duty.

Commander Mac Venzon with the Reno Police Department says, officers responded to reports of a domestic disturbance near the 1400 block of Elizabeth Street around 6:00 Saturday evening.

Neighbors tell KOLO 8 News Now, a man and woman live in the home together and police have been there multiple times in the past for other domestic disturbances.

Commander Venzon says it's a situation they were familiar with.

"This is a house...we've responded to many times," he said. "I don't know exactly how many times, but even the officers responding to the scene were familiar with what was going on. Kind of knew what they were dealing with going into it."

Commander Venzon says at about 6:40 PM, one Reno officer fired his weapon. It's unclear what made the officer feel threatened, but neighbors say they heard multiple shots.

"I think there was 3, my boyfriend thinks there was 5," Karie Montoya, a neighbor, said. "But it was just really loud and fast, so it's hard to say."

The male living in the home was killed. Commander Venzon says the woman was uninjured and was taken to the Reno Police Station.

Sparks Police Department will take over the investigation. It's unknown at this time if the officer involved will be placed on administrative leave.

KOLO 8 News Now confirms 1 male fatality who was not the officer. The shooting took place near the 1400 block of Elizabeth Street. Hunter Lake Drive will be closed from Foster to Idlewild as the investigation goes on. Stay with KOLO 8 News Now for more details as they become available.

Reno, NV - There are reports of an officer-involved shooting near Reno High School Saturday night. KOLO 8 News Now has a reporter on the scene gathering information.