Obama, Romney Campaign with Eyes on Weather as Storm Charges Toward Battlegrounds

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WASHINGTON (AP) - With neither side wanting to risk the appearance of putting politics ahead of public safety, the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns are adjusting travel schedules and canceling events as Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast and some battleground states.

Vice President Joe Biden canceled a rally today in coastal Virginia Beach, Va., and Mitt Romney did the same with an event that had been set for tomorrow.

Today, the Republican presidential candidate is in Florida. In an email to supporters, Romney says his campaign is "defying odds and holding strong." He also urged backers to contribute more money to help Republicans keep up the fight.

President Barack Obama is heading to New Hampshire, while his campaign presses forward with a get-out-the-vote effort that aides say has them leading or tied in every competitive state.

With the Nov. 6 election 10 days away, polls suggest Obama and Romney are tied nationally. But the president still appears to have more ways to reach the required 270 electoral votes.