Obama Proposes College Ratings

University of Nevada Reno
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RENO -- President Obama has unveiled a proposal to rate colleges based on affordability and success as students returned to the University of Nevada, Reno. Under Obama's plan, colleges that provide a high quality education while keeping tuition low, would be rewarded with more funding.

"I think everybody needs an education so I think it's important there's a lot of people out there who can afford it," a freshman student said.

UNR stated that nearly one in three students graduate with debt, but that is below average. The director of financial aid and scholarships added students usually incur about $20-thousand of debt, which is below the average of $26-thousand.

Vehicles lined up as students moved into the UNR dorms Thursday. The university said it expects more than 18-thousand undergraduate and graduate students this semester. UNR also stated it has experienced increased enrollment for three years. The college plans to break ground on a tenth residence hall next year.