Obama: May Try to Act Without Congress on Some Gun Restrictions

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WASHINGTON (AP) - He's acknowledging an uphill fight in Congress -- so President Barack Obama says he's looking at actions he can take on his own to confront gun violence.

He told reporters today that he will present a plan within days.

Obama says the ideas that are on the table include stronger background checks, a meaningful ban on assault weapons and limits on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

As the White House looks for limits on guns and ammunition, it faces opposition from the well-funded and politically-powerful National Rifle Association and its supporters in Congress. Obama can use his executive powers to act alone on some gun measures, but his options on the proposals opposed by the NRA are limited if Congress doesn't go along.

Obama is reviewing a series of proposal from Vice President Joe Biden. He had asked Biden to lead a task force on ways to reduce violence after last month's elementary school shooting in Connecticut.