Obama Embraces Economic Record Ahead of Tuesday's Debate

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) - As President Barack Obama prepares for tomorrow night's debate with Mitt Romney, his campaign is embracing the economic record that Republicans have targeted as his biggest weakness.

A new ad that will air in battleground states features voters discussing ways their economic conditions have improved.

In a fundraising appeal to supporters, Obama says, "This race is tied." And he promises to be "fighting" for the election on the debate stage tomorrow. Many of his supporters felt he did not bring enough fight to his first face-off with Romney.

The Republicans continue their focus on economic issues. Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told a crowd in his home state of Wisconsin today that Obama had inherited a "tough situation" when he took office -- but he said the president has only made things worse. And he said Romney's plan to cut taxes by 20 percent across the board is the path back to economic growth.

Obama is practicing in Williamsburg, Va., today for tomorrow's debate in suburban New York. Romney is practicing at a hotel near his Massachusetts home.