OHV Registration Update

RENO, NV - Kenneth Thrailkill is taking home a brand new off-road vehicle.

“Happy about it, yep I've got 2 quads right now," says Thrailkill.

But unlike a couple of years ago, Thrailkill will have to register all three of his vehicles with Nevada's DMV.

“I think the registration is a good move, I think it will limit some of the people that just go out and tear up the country. I think it is also going to locate a lot of stolen vehicles,” says Thrailkill.

At Reno Cycles and Gear, clerks are assisting about 20 people a day with their registrations.

The most important piece of information is the VIN, and dealerships like this are authorized to verify that information for the owner.

The DMV will require additional information and a $20 fee, and owners are good to go for a year with this tag.

Money will go to rehabilitate trails and establish new ones.

“I'm a small government guy. But you know if it helps us it helps us. We are the only ones that didn't have it. There is a reason we were the only ones that didn't have it. It's going to be a good thing for us,” says Bill Hermant, Reno Cycles and Gear owner.

Hermant says he hasn't heard a lot of complaints from off-road vehicle owners, and if there are, he says it's typically from Nevadans who have lived here a long time.

Hermant says he and other dealers in Nevada have in the past issued about a million dollars a year in California tags for those who want to off-road there.

This new law, he says, will keep that money in Nevada.

For those who live in rural areas or can't get to the DMV or a dealership for verification, the law also allows for a law enforcement officer to sign off on the VIN.