Nugget Street Vibes Activities Will Be Indoors

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RENO -- Street Vibrations events at the Nugget will be held inside the casino this year, according to event's producer. Randy Burke, Road Shows' president, said there are several reasons for holding the event inside, including security concerns.

Burke said motorcycle club colors can not be shown again, and holding events inside will enable identification of who is complying.

"They are marked on the back of their vests and it's very difficult when you're looking at tens of thousands of people to differentiate between one and another," he said.

Vendors also wanted to be in downtown Reno, according to Burke. In the past, the Nugget's west parking lot in Sparks has been used for vendors.

The move follows a deadly shooting involving rival motorcycle gangs in 2011.

Street Vibrations kicks off Sept. 25. More than 50-thousand people are expected to attend, according to Burke.

Burke added although Sparks activities will be held inside the Nugget, there will be more activities this year than in the past.

A free shuttle will take people between downtown Reno and the Nugget in Sparks.