Not Guilty Plea in Nugget Shooting

Ernesto Gonzalez
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RENO, Nev. (AP) - A judge has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of the man accused of killing the president of the San Jose chapter of the Hells Angels during a casino shootout in September.

Washoe District Judge Connie Steinheimer entered the plea for
Ernesto Gonzalez, after Gonzalez's public defender advised him to
stand silent during his arraignment Thursday in a tightly guarded

Police say Gonzalez is a member of the rival Vagos motorcycle
gang. He is accused of shooting Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew four
times in the back during the brawl at a casino in Sparks, Nev.

The judge set a trial for Jan. 17. But he said that might change
after public defenders complained they still don't have access to
the transcript from the grand jury that indicted Gonzalez and two
others Nov. 9.