Northern Nevada's First IMAX Theater Opens

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SPARKS, NV - It's finally here! Northern Nevada's first IMAX theater officially opened at midnight Wednesday morning and moviegoers couldn't be more pleased.

It's been a five-year wait, but it's finally here. Some 300 people bought their tickets to experience the midnight premier of "RoboCop" in the new IMAX theater. Movie-lovers might notice a few things different from the regular big screen.

"When they see it in person, it's somewhat overwhelming," Rafe Cohen, president of Luxury theaters, said.

The Galaxy Luxury + IMAX theater is offering the "luxury" movie experience. If a three-story high, 75-foot wide IMAX screen isn't enough, fans might appreciate the other 11 screens with power reclining seats.

"If you want a better experience, more luxury for the same price, why go anywhere else?" said Cohen.

While some were excited about the comfortable seating and top-notch picture quality, others were more enthusiastic about the refreshments.

"I am here for the libations," said a first-time IMAX guest.

12 beers on tap and the wine of your choice are some things moviegoers aren't used to seeing at the snack bar.

"I thought that was cool that they actual put a bar in the theater," one woman said.

They're also excited about not having to wait in lines anymore. Once they buy a ticket, they get to choose where to sit.

"If you actually come in late, and you've already pre-purchased your tickets, you can sit in that same spot," said one man. "You don't have to hustle and try to figure out a good spot."

Some people were able to get a sneak preview before the theater officially opened to the public. For two nights, folks got to see "Man of Steel" in 3D to support local charities including Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows and Michael Landsberry's family. Some fans couldn't resist coming back.

"It was that good," said a movie-goer. "Plus it's another good cause, you know, that's how i justify it, you can't compare to IMAX; it's completely different."

"Once you IMAX, you never go back," said a woman.