Northern Nevadans Don't Seem Worried About "Doomsday"

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PLANET EARTH – There are some events planned for Friday which find humor in the "Doomsday" scenario associated with December 21.

This “doomsday” scenario all stems from the 5125-year-long cycle on the Mayan Long Count Calendar. It has been assumed, by some, that the end of the calendar means the end of the world.

While you won’t find people in Reno running to stock the shelves and dig bunkers (at least, not that we’ve seen), you might see some funny “apocalyptic” events in the days surrounding the “doomsday” date of December 21, 2012.

There’s a Facebook group hosting a “Mayan Clock 5K” at Idlewild Park. People are encouraged to dress as their favorite end of the world character, whether it’s a zombie, alien, Mayan or your own creative costume. The race starts at 7pm.

If you want to kick back and have a drink, there are several parties planned. Great Basin Brewery is planning an “End of the World” extravaganza on December 21. A signature brew of “Mayan Maybe” will be on tap.

At Edge nightclub in the Peppermill, a “Last Call” party will be held on the 21st, with an ad suggesting “Might as well go out with a bang”.

So, why such a humorous take on a potentially serious subject?

According to the Public Religion Research Institute, only 2% of Americans actually believe the world will end on Friday.

NASA is with the majority. The space agency released a video, dated December 22, explaining why the world didn’t end. However, you can take a look at it now on the link below.