Truckee Meadows Deals With No Wood Burning

Health officials on a chimney smoke patrol because of high pollution.

RENO, NV - At the SPCA employees and volunteers can get a ring-side seat to the bad air quality just minutes away in the valley,

“Well we are located up here on Parr Boulevard by 395 and just looking down there you can barely see that there is a town down there. I almost feel like we are out on the top of a mountain. But we are only 500 feet higher than Reno,” says Natale Williams,SPCA Feline Manager

The view very near the SPCA gives a good lesson in meteorology .

The inversion layer is in full force as warm air is trapping cold air, and all that comes with it.

A look at the turbines at TMCC and you can see there's no wind at all to speak of, the flags aren't moving either.

That lack of wind is a cause of the inversion, air quality officials are just looking for some wind to break the cap off of the high pressure and let the atmosphere mix it up a bit.

Along with the cold air, the cold temperatures too have some wishing for spring already.

Spring flowers would look a heck of a lot better than this.

“Gets pretty nasty. Looks like it got a little better today, but definitely over the last couple of says its been pretty bad,” says Kelly Elloyan who was looking at adopting a cat on Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday's Air Quality Index was at 105.

While it typically means no wood burning for 24 hours, we may not have to wait at long as high winds are forecast for Wednesday.