No Sign of Remains in New Michigan Search for Hoffa

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ROSEVILLE, Mich. (AP) - The latest effort to find Jimmy Hoffa's body hasn't turned up any visible sign of human remains.

Authorities drilled through concrete today and removed samples of wet soil and clay at a home in the Michigan community of Roseville.

The material will be tested for evidence of human decomposition. Roseville Police Chief James Berlin says test results could be ready by Monday.

Berlin says he doesn't think Hoffa is buried there. He says police are just following up on "credible information that a crime may have occurred." They were contacted last month by a man who said he witnessed a body being buried under that driveway 35 years ago.

Berlin says the home may have been owned in the 1970s by a gambler with ties to organized crime.

The current homeowner has lived there since 1988. She says when detectives told her they might need to search her yard for a body, she laughed and asked if they thought Jimmy Hoffa was buried there. Then they asked her why she said that.

The Teamsters boss was last seen in July of 1975 outside a restaurant more than 30 miles west of Roseville.