No Decision From Tesla, Still Positive Impact At EDAWN

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RENO, NV - Building on the success of his luxury sedan Model S, Tesla founder Elon Musk has his sights set on becoming a major player in the automotive industry producing electric cars everyone can afford.

To do that he needs to produce lithium batteries in huge quantities. So, he's been looking for a site for a $5 billion dollar factory.

The business media has been following the competition like a heavyweight championship.

Most now have Reno squaring off against San Antonio.

Each article already good news for those trying to lure new business to northern Nevada.

"Quite a few national media outlets will talk about Tesla and the Tesla project and the Reno Sparks area will be mentioned," says President Mike Kazmierski of the Economic Development Authority for Western Nevada, "and that is a positive hit for our area being connected with a company like Tesla."

Translation: It's the kind of positive press neither Kazmierski nor anyone else could buy.

And in the absence of a decisiom, he'll take it. It's not that he isn't anxious for a positive outcome.

He says, there's good reason our area is on the short-short list. Great central location in the West, good business climate with a friendly government and educational system, low cost of doing business.

Tesla locating either in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center east of town or near the Stead Airport, he says, would be a game changer for our area.

But while most everyone else is on pins and needles waiting for the choice to be made, for the moment at least, he's content to enjoy the speculation.

"I like to tell our team and a lot of other people who would like a decision to be made today that the longer it takes the better."