"No Child Should Be Tased;" Tasered Teen's Mom Wants Justice

Crystal Sexton, Tasered Teen's Mom
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A Carson City mother wants to know why a sheriff's deputy had to use a taser to detain her daughter as a disciplinary meeting at her school escalated out of control.

The school says the incident grew out of a series of confrontations with a student who was disruptive and non-compliant and the sheriff's office says it appears the deputy acted within department policy.

One detail no one disputes. This was not the first time the 14 year old had disciplinary problems at the school.

"She's a typical teenager," says her mother, Crystal Sexton. "She's mouthy, but she is not violent."

Sexton traces the whole dispute to a conflict with one teacher.

"I had a meeting with the school the week prior asking that she be removed from that teacher's class "

Principal Dan Sadler says a transfer was discussed, but it was decided it wasn't necessary.

"There was some responsibility that the student needed to show that she was putting her best foot forward and effort in class before we made that change."

Then Tuesday another disruption.

"For disturbing the class for saying "oh my God"," says Sexton.

Whatever she said, following earlier problems it was enough to send the girl was sent to the Dean's office.

When things became heated a Carson Sheriff's deputy who was at the campus was asked to arrest the girl and remove her.

The student continued to be agitated and non-compliant and it escalated.

"She was pushed up against the wall and she was trying to move," She couldn't put her hands behind her when told because she was pushed up against the wall."

Sadler says it's not up to him to say whether the use of a taser was appropriate, but "with the student being non-complaint and resisting arrest. The deputy followed their protocol."

Carson Sheriff Ken Furlong says the incident is under routine review. He says tasering is sometimes necessary to gain control of an uncooperative subject and avoid injury to either the arrestee or the officer.

What makes this incident unusual he says, is that it involved a 14 year old at a school.

Sexton says that's the point and she says she wants justice for her daughter even dismissal of the deputy.

"I'm sorry I don't feel that child should be tased. Period. She should have been able to detain a 110 pound girl and if she can't do that I don't feel she should be part of the Carson City Sheriff's office."