No Business Like Snow Business

RENO, Nev. - The official start of winter may be a couple months away, but the first snowfall of the season already has people bundling up, and some local businesses are loving it.

"It's crazy! The cold snap has really helped us," Bill Owens, owner of Owen's Wood Products, said.

On a normal day, Owens says he sells about 25 cords of wood. But the recent cold weather has many people lighting up their fireplaces.

"We stay pretty busy all year round, but of course you know when the snow comes we get slammed," he said. "We've sold up to about 56 cores of wood, so it's been very busy."

But he's not complaining, and neither is Joshua Palmer, owner of TNJ Remodeling.

Palmer worked 13 hours Tuesday, running to different jobs.

"Definitely seen a spike in business," he said. "Someone left their hose on too long, froze over night, popped. I've gotten a few calls where the furnace has gone down."

But what's winter without a little fun in the snow?

"Last year was rough for us, but we're off to a great start," Pat Parraguirre of Bobo's Ski and Board said. "It always helps us out anytime it snows, whether it's a few inches in the mountain [or a] couple feet."

The three men may be busy trying to keep up with the demands of people preparing for winter, but they all are hoping for a successful winter.