New Walmart On E. Second Street

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In an economy where people are pinching pennies, many of us are looking for good deals. Now, a new super Walmart is open in the Reno-Sparks area. The store on 2425 E. Second Street carries everything from clothing to your everyday groceries.

The Reno-Sparks Indian Colony is in partnership with the store. The building is on reservation land.

Wednesday’s opening ceremony included musical performances from people in different tribes.
Christina Thomas was one of the performers. She says she’s excited about all the programs the partnership will help fund in her community.

Toy Cuff is the area’s district manager. “The benefits to the community are endless. We've added multiple jobs; the tax base that will come from the store to the community will be tremendous,” he says. The company projects this location to become a high volume store.

The company also plans to build a 150,000-square-foot store at Lemmon Drive and Sky Vista Parkway in Reno. That store is scheduled to open its doors, late next year.