New Sunscreens: How Much For Protection?

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RENO, NV - At the Truckee River Monday afternoon, it didn't take long to find people using sunscreen.

Even the smallest swimmers re-applied sunscreen after spending time in the water.

We talked to a group of friends here to find out when they used sunscreen, and what was important to them.

”How long it lasts, SPF, I usually wear the spray,” Cierra Kistner, an occasional sunscreen user.

”SPF, like you don't want to get burn all the time, I'd say like a 50,” says Jasmine Chappell, who uses sunscreen occasionally.

”I don't like the feeling of like lotion because its slimy. The spray is just easy to apply. And if you go swimming, you don't have to keep rubbing it everywhere. Its just a quick spray everywhere,” Krysten Starr, who too uses sunscreen occasionally.

When using the traditional sunscreen lotion, the advice has been to use a shot glass full for face and body.

But with the new products, like sticks and sprays, that's not so easy to do.

Dermatologist say for sticks, use four swipes per area, and make a cross on the skin back and forth.

For sprays, apply until the skin glistens. And don't forget to get areas where dermatologists see the most aggressive cancers.

”I really like the spray for the ears and the crevasses of the ears because sometimes it's hard to get sunblock in all those little spots of the ears and behind the ears. People forget about those places and I see a lot of skin cancers behind the ears. Scalp also. You can put the spray in the part line or if men are losing their hair, thinning or have a bald spot, applying the spray is helpful and beneficial,” says Dr. Cindy Lamerson with Nevada Center for Dermatology.

Lamerson says look for sunscreens that provide both UVB and UVA protection.

UVB is the burning kind.

UVA rays go deeper into the skin and cause the most cumulative damage with wrinkling and aging.