New Study Shows Thousands Die Because of Distracted Driving

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A new study released by AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety shows more than 3,000 people have died on the streets in a single year, and it's attributed to distracted driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reports nearly half a million are injured each year in crashes involving distraction.

The study found more than two-thirds of licensed drivers admit to talking on their phone behind the wheel during the past month, despite the fact about 90 percent of drivers believe other drivers using their cell phones are a threat to their personal safety.

"What concerns AAA is this pattern of risky behavior that even goes beyond cell phone use," said Cynthia Harris, AAA Nevada spokesperson.

Research from the study also shows drivers who used their cell phone regularly behind the wheel, also engaged in dangerous behaviors.
-65 percent also reported speeding.
-44 percent also reported driving while drowsy
-53 percent also reported sending a text or email
-29 percent also drove without a seat belt.

The study also looked at drivers who did not talk on their cell phone while driving.
-31 percent reported speeding
-14 percent reported driving drowsy
-3 percent reported sending a text or e-mail
-16 percent reported driving without a seat belt.

There can also be other distractions for drivers behind the wheel. According to, there's ten things in your car or things you can do that can be extremely distracting.
10. Eating and Drinking
9. Applying Make-up and Grooming
8. Pets
7. Kids
6. Driving Drowsy
5. Electronics (radio, Ipod, In car DVD player)
4. Roadside Diversions (accidents, billboards, people on the sidewalk)
3. Texting and Updating Social Media
2. Daydreaming
1. Talking On A Cell Phone