New Sparks Seafood Market Opens

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SPARKS, NV - The day starts early for employees at Sierra Gold Seafood. They get in before the sun is up to unload their daily shipment of product. Then it's time to get it ready to deliver to local restaurants and businesses.

A lot of the fish is brought in on trucks from San Francisco. Vice President of Operations, Brandon Crowell, says that the company also gets seafood flown in from other countries, like Costa Rica, Panama and Tahiti. The Sparks wholesaler brings in up to 30,000 lbs. of frozen fish a week, and roughly 20,000 lbs. of fresh seafood. Sierra Gold has been delivering its product to restaurants in Northern Nevada and Tahoe since 2006, but recently decided to open a retail market for its customers.

Having the wholesale business next door allows the market to have its pick from a wide range of fish on any given day. They receive deliveries 5 days a week, so it is always fresh. Unlike most stores you go to get seafood, you don't have to buy it in a set amount. Retail Manager Scott Lee says what sets them apart from other stores is that you can customize your order on the spot.

"If you want one ounce, I'm going to do the best that I can to cut you one ounce. If you want 6-8 ounce filets or steaks, we can do that too," he says.

Regardless of what you're in the mood for, whether it's shellfish, a nice swordfish filet or even lobster straight from the tank, you've got options. The market is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 10am each day. Sierra Gold Seafood is located at 1335 Greg Parkway in Sparks.