New Pub Crawl Brings Twist to St. Patrick's Day

RENO, Nev. - The first ever St. Patrick's Day Crawl takes place this weekend. But this bar crawl comes with a twist.

Downtown bars are getting ready for St. Patrick's Day- stocking up in beer, and planning out the specials.

But this year's celebration comes with a new event.

"St. Patrick's Day of course is one of the biggest drinking days of the year," Tracy Soliday, a publicist at The Silver Legacy said.

The casino is one of four downtown casinos hosting the new Leprechaun Crawl. The premis is the same- pay $5 for a cup and get drink specials at participating bars.

The only catch is, all the bars participating are in the casinos.

The Silver Legacy, Eldorado, Circus Circus, and Harrah's have all signed on the host the crawl, and sought the help of on man who knows how to plan them.

"We don't like to think [of it as] the casino bars versus the downtown bars," Ed Adkins said. "We all have to survive. All the venues have to survive to keep downtown vibrant so we're here to support everybody."

Adkins is the organizer behind other pub crawls like the Vampire crawl. He said they normally don't organize crawls around major drinking holidays. They like to plan them for times when bars may need a little extra business.

But organizers say they don't want to take business away from the local bars.

"These are local bars too," Soliday said. "We have our local bars here at the casinos."

The crawl may just be in the casinos, but the smaller bars are still expecting plenty of business the weekend.

"It doesn't really bother us," Steven Heberger, a bartender at Ole Bridge Pub said. "We're usually a pretty popular St. Patrick's Day bar. So we're going to have all of the Irish drinks, from Guinness to Carbombs."

Some say the extra crawl may even be good for Reno's image.

"Reno is getting a lot of attention for the crawls, and that's a good thing." Scott Dunseath, owner of Reno Envy said. "Reno's so unique and quirky. It's kind of a one of a kind place, and the pub crawls are a one of a kind event."

This isn't the first pub crawl to be hosted in the casinos. Early in January of this year, the Silver Legacy, Circus Circus, and Eldorado hosted the Elvis pub crawl in honor of the King's birthday.

"We're not moving the crawls to the casinos," Adkins said. "I want to make that clear. They came to us with the idea and so we decided sure, we'll start it for you and see if people like it. And if they do, next year we'll move it to all the bars."

Adkins said this may not be the last crawl held exclusively at the casinos. He said it helps to have some crawls on private property so they don't have to deal with jumping through hoops with the City of Reno.

The Leprechaun Pub Crawl starts at 7:30 p.m. March 16. You can pick up the $5 cups at any of the casinos, or at Junkee's Clothing Exchange in Midtown.