New Protections for Immgrants Seeking Document Preparation

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RENO -- New regulations are set to go into effect March 1 focused on protecting immigrants from unscrupulous document preparers. The law was passed during the last session of the Nevada State Legislature.

"Often times these companies are advertising themselves as 'notarios' which in the United States we know means little more than you are just affirming that the signature on file matches but in the Latin countries that often means something different that often means that they've got a legal background," Secretary of State Ross Miller said.

Miller said there was been an increase in document preparers taking advantage of after the state granted driving privileges to undocumented immigrants.

As part of the driver's authorization card program, in order to obtain a card immigrants must show documents from their native lands.

The new regulations require document preparers are legally licensed and bonded. They must also register with the Secretary of State's office. People will be able to verify the document preparers are legitimate by looking on a state web site.

Existing document preparation businesses are being given an extra month to comply.

The businesses will have to pay a 50-thousand dollar bond, that customers who are wronged could file a claim against.

The DMV said more than five-thousand driver's authorization cards have been issued since the beginning of the year.