New Parking Meters Chosen for Downtown

City Council wills oon be deciding just how you'll be paying to park in certain areas of downtown.
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RENO -- The City of Reno is moving forward with installing new parking meters in the downtown area. The Reno City Council approved moving forward with IPS Group's meters. The meters are already being used in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The new meters will accept coins or credit cards.

The City of Reno plans to remove the Curb System kiosks. City officials have said problems with the kiosks resulted in the loss of 800-thousand dollars due to lack of enforcement ability. While the kiosks were aimed at accepting credit card payments and making parking downtown easier, people complained of problems with the kiosks.

"It was a disaster," Matt Polley of Java Jungle said.

The City re-installed coin-operated meters after reports of the problems. Polley said that decision made quarters in high-demand.

"We're excited about them being able to take the credit card," he said.

The new meters will be installed in February. The city said it's still negotiating the price of the system.