New Obedience Training Program for Dogs

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RENO, NV - Whether your dog is a puppy that needs to be house broken or an adult in need of more advanced training, Vigilant Canine Services International has a solution for just about any scenario. The company recently moved its operation to northern Nevada. Corporate Trainer and Kennel Master Steve Holidy says VCSI has been training dogs for the military and law enforcement since 2007, but recently decided to start offering its services to the general public.

"We can find out what's holding you back from having that great relationship with your dog and get that fixed," he says.

Holidy says having an obedient dog is just as important for the owner as it is for their pet.

"Safety is a big factor. If you have a dog that pulls you while on a leash, you could get pulled down. You need a dog that can just walk next to you in any situation and not have a problem," he says.

VCSI offers basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training. Based on what your dog needs, the classes can teach them how to adjust to different environments and even respond to commands without a leash.

"We can socialize puppies, teach them how to handle slick floors, stairs and loud noises. Also, how to meet and greet other animals and the proper way to meet a person," says Holidy.

They can also teach dogs personal protection. Holidy says positive reinforcement and repetition are key factors to modifying a dog's behavior.

"We'll use food just a little bit in the beginning for a puppy to manipulate behaviors. Then we switch over to a toy, something that they want. Then they work for it and they do the exercise correctly and then they can get their reward," he says.

VCSI is having an open house for dog owners Thursday, August 7th at 6 pm at its facility on Echo Avenue. If you'd like more information on the open house or how to sign up for classes there is a link posted on this website under "Hot Topics".