New Nevada Trapping Rules may Require More Checks

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ELKO, Nev. (AP) - An advisory panel to the Nevada Wildlife Commission is recommending all counties outside of Washoe and Clark be held harmless if there's any attempt to shorten the current requirement that Nevada trappers check their foothold traps and snares at least once every four days.

Backers of a shorter interval between trap checks say Nevada's regulation is one of the least stringent in the nation and puts a number of non-target animals at risk.

The commission's Trapping Regulation Committee won't offer a final recommendation until June 5.

But the panel voted 3-2 in Elko last week to suggest that trapping regulations remain as they are in all counties except Clark and Washoe.

Gov. Sandoval signed a bill into law last May urging the commission to consider shortening the four-day interval.