New Nevada Football Season Raises Wolf Pack Fever

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RENO, NV -- At the University of Nevada, Reno Saturday night, Nevada kicked off its home opener against UC Davis. With more than 22,000 tickets sold this season, Wolf Pack fever is on the rise. Even with the changes, pack fans are unwavering.

It's a whole new season of Pack football, equipped with a new coach and new players, but the same die-hard fans.

"This is a whole new ball game, new hope," Dan Anchors, UNR Class of 1959 alumnus, said.

Wolf Pack football has generated more than just buzz this season; fans still flood the gates, anticipating an era without Coach Chris Ault, who stepped down after last season.

"We've been doing the same thing for a long time and it's going to be interesting to see how it works out," Anchors said.

"We're still going to be here no matter how the team does, because we're faithful," Kelly Anderson, a fan of more than 20 years, said.

The team is even breaking records; more than 12,000 season tickets have already been sold this year.

"The excitement is greater and i know a lot of people wanted to be season ticket holders because they're seeing a lot of fresh blood come in," Anderson said.

Packed with a tough schedule ahead this season, fans hope it can put the Pack back on the map.

"The kids will learn from that and I think we're going to do better in the Mountain West than people thought," Anchors said.

Even quarterback Cody Fajardo's father, Tim Fajardo, agrees, believing progression is a good thing .

"Sometimes you do have to take a loss and lick your chops and get back in there and play.

With Pack fans are behind them every step of the way to show the strength of the Wolf truly lies in the Pack.

"Play strong, play hard, play until the whistle blows," Frank Torres, a Pack fan, said.