New Business Opening in Local Neighborhood Hopes to Reduce Crime

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RENO, Nev. -- A building that's been vacant for half a decade has long been a neighborhood eyesore is now home to a new tavern. The old Godfather's Pizza location in Sparks attracted more crime than customers after it close and now a new business is brightening this busy intersection.

According to neighbors, having a new business in town is a step in the right direction. For five years, the old Godfather's Pizza restaurant was shut down and forgotten.

"Anytime that there's a business that is closed up, you're gonna get people that vandalize and tag and paint and break windows, and that's not what we need," Genny Garrett, a Sparks native said. "We need more businesses to stay up and stay vibrant and offer something to the community."

Now, a new business is ready to fill its shoes. Bob and Lucy's Tavern is brand new to the neighborhood and locals are excited.

"There hasn't been anything new built in quite a bit of time or a remodel so people are excited to have something close to home," George Higgins, area manager said.

"It shows the progression of our economy is starting to pick up, obviously, because a new company is coming to the area. it shows promise. " think it's a wonderful thing," Ken Polley, a Sparks local said.

Remodeled and repainted, the old restaurant turned tavern is now serving to a different crowd, offering slots and alcoholic beverages.

"It's not the type of place where you're going run into a bunch of drunk people, people going crazy, we're not doing shot specials. We want everyone to feel comfortable when they walk in," Higgins said.

It's helping surrounding businesses feel more at ease. The tavern is creating 12 new jobs and is now open 24/7, which means a stronger surveillance in the area.

"Now, we have the lights on we have someone here 24 hours a day, we don't have nearly as much of graffiti, there's lights and it's a lot harder to get away with it," Higgins said. "We'll set an example from the front end so people aren't over the top trying to hurt us."

The empty building on the corner of Rock and Oddie used to be a hot spot for vandalism, but after a five-year hiatus, it's back in business, hoping to lower future crime.

Bob and Lucy's Tavern just opened two weeks ago. It's located at 1515 Oddie Blvd.