New Law Expands Parental Rights to the LGBT Community, Unmarried Individuals

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RENO, NV - The state of Nevada recently passed a bill into law that will expand surrogacy, reproductive technology rights to the LGBT community, and to unmarried individuals.

The new law is set to take effect October 1.

Language in the bill expanded the assisted reproductive technology (ART) rights of citizens by utilizing neutral language which addresses the gender and marital status of intended parents through the use of ART.

Such rights include the rights of single individuals, unmarried couples and domestic partners as parents.

In addition to expanding parental rights, the new law allows for compensation to be paid to gestational carriers, and also permits pre- and post-birth instructions for surrogates.

It also includes modifications to the rights of donated egg and embryo recipients.

The law was drafted, submitted and lobbied by Surratt Law Practice.

It was introduced to the state legislature by Assemblyman Jason Frierson and was recently signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval.