New Green, Yellow, Red Code for Air Quality

RENO, NV - David Aubuchon is more than willing to show off his electric car.

He's had the Tesla Roadster for three years now.

“ It has zero emissions, it's sporty, it's fun” says Aubuchon.

Aubuchon says he typically re-charges his car at home.

But with the Health Department's new free electric vehicle charging station, it will be easier to re-charge the car's batteries while driving around town.

“To have an infastructure where people can get a charge fairly quickly, you know, just a few miles what we call opportunity charging,” says Aubuchon

This is the ninth such station in Northern Nevada, another is located here at Einstein's Bagels in Reno

Such stations might encourage more people to consider electric cars---which in turn will help keep our air cleaner.

Each winter from November 1st to February 28th, it is not uncommon for our air quality to sink to unhealthy levels.

Until more of us can buy electric cars, the health department will continue with its Green, Yellow, and Red Burn Code.

Only beginning this year you'll receive more information and an air quality index.

In the "Keep It Clean. Know The Code" campaign, Green will mean its ok to burn,.

Yellow will mean to go easy on the wood burning; compliance is encouraged.

Red means the air quality has exceeded healthy standards, a stage one episode is declared, and wood burning is prohibited-enforcement goes into effect.

The Reno News and Review will have an insert explaining the new “Keep It Clean. Know the Code” in its paper this Thursday.