Washoe County Offers App to Report Graffiti

RENO, NV - Along the Truckee River, work crew inmates with the county have paint and roller in hand, and cover up graffiti left behind.

This work program has gone on since 2009.

The priority for the crews is graffiti in the Washoe County jurisdiction, but frequently they are called upon to help out the city of Reno.

They can go to as many as thirty locations a day, covering up to 250 images.

But Sheriff Haley thought there may be a better way to wipe out graffiti in our area.

"We have a fantastic APP that we just rolled out where you can go to your I-Phone or I-Pad, you'll go to Washoe County SO and it has a site where you can click on graffiti abatement,” says Brooke Howard, Detention Program Coordinator.

The Washoe County Sheriff APP is free.

Download the graffiti abatement program, then if you want, put your name and address, but do take a picture of the graffiti area and then send it off to the Sheriff.

“The picture, once it is uploaded with the address, we will use Google maps so it will give us a pinpoint location of where it is so we will know if it is in our jurisdiction or if we need to contact someone else,” says Howard.

Howard says residents need to be patient; crews probably won't be out the next day.

But no doubt this is a more efficient way of letting crews know just where the problem graffiti areas are.

The inmate graffiti abatement program saves both the county and city of Reno about $140,000 a year.