New Form of Yoga Rising to the Surface of Lake Tahoe

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HOMEWOOD, CA - If you're looking for a peaceful and serene backdrop for doing yoga, Lake Tahoe is about as good as it gets. But not yoga in a nice air conditioned studio. Imagine doing it out on the lake on top of a paddle board.

Jenna Minnes has been practicing yoga consistently for about 13 years. After teaching for about a year she decided to push the envelope a bit by fusing together two things that she's passionate about.

"I love yoga. I love paddle boarding and being on the water. So I thought I'd experience the two together," she says.

It's become pretty popular in the areas surrounding San Francisco, but classes in northern Nevada and around Tahoe are pretty limited.

"Just being out of the studio and in the elements that you can't control is a huge part of yoga as far as keeping your cool and staying balanced. You can't control if a boat comes by or a gust of wind comes through," says Minnes.

You definitely have to be more focused on your movements than you would in a studio because if you lose concentration you'll be going for a nice swim. Being on a paddle board will test you and let you know where you need improvement.

"You can't muscle through things on a board. You can't fling yourself from here to there. You have to be really aware of your breath. It's very revealing as far as where you are imbalanced or where you might be physically weak," says Minnes.

Minnes says you can't get frustrated if it takes a while to get the hang of it. It's all part of the process, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

"You have to stick with it a little bit to feel the benefits of the balance and everything," she says.

Classes are offered just outside the West Shore Cafe and a few other areas around Lake Tahoe. If you'd like more information about stand-up paddle board yoga there is a link on this website in the Hot Topics section.