New Details In Fernley Murders

FERNLEY, NV - Shocking new details in the murders that have rocked the small town of Fernley. Five people, all allegedly killed by one man, 25-year-old Jeremiah Bean. When we first broke the story it appeared as if the crime spree all happened in the span of a few hours. But a criminal complaint shows the crimes were conducted over a series of four days. The complaint says Bean shot and killed the Pape couple on May 10th.

The home on Jessica Lane in Fernley is where the Pape couple, Dorothy and Robert, both 84, were shot to death on Friday May 10th.

The criminal complaint states Bean used an NEF Co. Model R92 .22-caliber handgun to kill the couple and then stole jewelry and $3500 dollars in cash.

Three days later in the early morning of May 13, Bean allegedly broke through the back sliding door at 610 Tamsen and there stabbed and shot 67-year-old Angie Duff and her friend Lester Leiber.

The criminal complaint says Bean took Duff's gun, a Smith & Wesson, went back to the Pape home and stole the couple's white pickup.

Investigators say Bean drove the truck west and took the Mustang exit, where the vehicle got stuck in a ditch.

Sometime after, the complaint says Bean came into contact with Eliazar Graham, who was on his way to work at the Chevron Station.

The complaint says Bean shot Graham, took his truck, drove it back to the Pape's garage and set it on fire.

Bean was found hiding later in a neighbor's house, just two doors down from where he was living on Tamsen, right next to Duff's home.

Investigators say Bean had items from one of his victims in his possession.

What Bean was doing for the time between the Papes' murders and the other three murders is what Lyon County Investigators are trying to piece together.