New Creatures! Exhibit Brings Prehistory Back to Life

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RENO, Nev. -- It's not every day that you see a saber tooth tiger, a woolly mammoth or even bigfoot in Reno, but history is coming back to life this spring.

Creatures like dinosaurs, Ice Age mammals and urban legends come back to life as part of the Creatures! Exhibit at the Wilbur May Museum.

"It's really a great combination of education and fun. We try blend the two so kids come through and they learn something about the ancient creatures of the past but they can also be a lot of fun," Samantha Szesciorka, assistant Curator said.

Don't be alarmed these animals aren't real but this exhibit allows children to travel back in time and get a hands-on experience to learn what it's like to live in prehistoric times.

Marcia Whalley took her grandson to the exhibit in hopes that he'll get more out of learning than from a book. As a retired school teacher, Whalley knew interaction is a key part to a child's learning.

"It's really sad that so many children are just sitting in front of a TV and that's all the learning that they may or may not get from the experience whereas this is hands on and they will remember it," she said.

Interactive elements like fossil digs and glacier simulations help children grasp a basic understanding of history, science and biology.

"Seeing is one thing but touching is another," Whalley said. "Children don't have enough opportunity for tactile and they'll remember so much more when there's an interactive opportunity because they are a part of the situation rather than hearing about it."

The Creatures! Exhibit runs from now until June 2 at the Wilbur D. May Museum at Ranch San Rafael Park. Tickets for children and seniors is $8 and $9 for adults.

The museum also offers free weekly events for kids to enjoy during the exhibit. To look at the schedule, click on the link below.