English: Nevada's Official Language

Senate Bill one-88 was introduced just last week in Carson City. Under the bill any state, county or city document, transactions, proceedings, meetings, and publications must only be printed in English.
Sponsor Senator Don Gustavson says such a bill would encourage non English speaking residents in our state to learn the language.
The Senator says those residents are in low paying jobs because they don't speak English, this would be one way to elevate them to higher paying jobs.
But there are exceptions in this bill.
Take a look at Washoe County Health Department alone. There are signs outside written in Spanish, inside health brochures are written in both English and Spanish. Because it's a matter of public health and safety all of this would be completely legal under the bill.
Here at Washoe County District Court proceedings could take place with an English translation because the bill says justice needs to be carried out.
Washoe County Schools could continue with English as a Second Language and other classes because they are instructional allowed under the bill.
And every ten years during the census, state, county or city materials could be printed in Spanish for accurate population counts.
Bi-Lingual Ballots here in Washoe and even Clark County would not be impacted by the bill as they are mandated by federal law.