Timing Nevada's Birthday Celebration

CARSON CITY, NV - The Nevada Day Parade has been going on in Carson City since 1939.

What is relatively new: the parade is part of the three-day state holiday which began back in 2000.

The move was passed by voters in 1998 by about 3,000 votes in part because businesses in the area could do better compared to when Nevada's statehood was recognized on October 31st only.

At Mo and Sluggo's Bar and Grill, the three-day event is the best time of year for business.

“It's everybody, it looks like plenty of folks from out of town, tons of old friends, mostly locals I think,” Dan Shaheen, co-owner of Mo and Sluggo's.

Of the 17 counties, Carson, Nye, Storey and Douglas all voted in favor of the move in 1998.

But it's Nevada's most populated county, Clark, that also joined in, even though residents, groups, and community organizations from there have no presence in the parade.

That's unfortunate, says former state archivist Guy Rocha, who points out the parade is all privately funded.

“Everybody from every corner of the state. Particularly since this is the 150th birthday you need people to step up and provide money for the bands and there are some major multinational corporations that seem to find plenty of money for politics, why not celebrate Nevada's 150th birthday and send representative bands from southern Nevada,” says Rocha.

As luck would have it, for Nevada's 150th birthday next year, Nevada Day celebrations will actually be on Nevada Day, October 31st.