Nevadans Participate in a Continent-Wide Bird Watching Study

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RENO, Nev. -- This week marks the beginning of a nation-wide study in which people, including Nevadans, collect information on birds in an effort track changes in bird populations and distributions.

Scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology run the study called "Project FeederWatch." It is essentially a winter survey of birds across North America. The rules of the data collect process include counting the kinds and numbers of birds that visit backyard feeders once every two weeks from mid-November through early-April. People then record that information on special data forms and submit it to the researchers for analysis in late April.

The local part of the effort is sponsored by Moana Nursery's Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shops.

“We are excited to help FeederWatchers get started,” stated Jacque Lowery, a Moana Nursery manager. “Wild Birds Unlimited customers play a significant role in this study each year.”

If you want to be a FeederWatcher, the enrollment fee is $15. For that, bird watchers get a bird identification poster, bird feeding information and instructional material.