Nevadans Love Powerball

RENO, NV - Check out the license plates at the Gold Ranch Lottery Station just west of Reno, and you can't help but notice the Nevada license plates.

The station is just feet over the state line.

It's nothing for Nevadans to stop in and pick up the newly introduced Powerball Lottery Ticket.

“Came to play the lottery, Powerball, exactly because my wife sent me,” says Nevada resident Brian Ball.

“It gets to be such a high jackpot and everything, so you know I was glad that it came,” says another Nevada resident, Becky Hull.

No lines Wednesday afternoon, but Gold Ranch says they've seen a slow but steady flow of people coming in to buy Powerball tickets.

There's definitely been an increase in business and a lot of it is coming from over the state line.

“About 75% of our sales are from Nevada,” says Joe Rios with the Gold Ranch Lottery Station.

Rios says the cost for a Powerball ticket is $1 dollar more than the Mega and Super Lotto, but that really hasn't stopped people from buying the tickets for themselves, or as in my case for the office.

If no wins Monday night or for the next three drawings, experts say that's when you'll see the lines start to form at Gold Ranch.

That's because the jackpot will hit $150,000,000 dollars.

Powerball winnings are bigger than the Mega and Super Lotto in California.

Last year, one Powerball Jackpot hit $656,000,000 dollars.