Nevada Ham Radio Operators Contact Japan

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If you're having trouble getting in touch with friends or family in Japan, a local group of Ham radio operators may be able to help.

Right now in Japan, many phone lines and cell towers have been knocked out, and internet access is hard to come by.

But some local operators using Ham radio technology have already make contact with other Ham radio operators in Japan.

In some of the harder-hit areas of Japan. Generator supported Ham radios are the only way to communicate.

Operators say they can put people in Japan in touch with people from Reno, just as soon as they get approval from the Japanese government.

"With communications being down, there's a lot of folks in Japan who'd like to get word back to their family member or employers here in the United States that they're ok, and that they're having problems and we can transfer that information for them," said Tim O'Shea, Emergency Coordinator for Washoe County.

Operators say some people think Ham radio is a dying form of technology, but it's actually gaining popularity.

They're willing to help you make contact with loved ones in Japan. Contact Ham radio operator Tom Taormina at 775-847-7917 for more information.