NevadaFIT Preparing Incoming Freshmen for College

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RENO, NV - From finding your classes to making new friends, it can be a daunting experience for new students, but a program at the University of Nevada is trying to make the transition from high school to college a little smoother. NevadaFIT is whipping students into shape before school even starts.

It isn't your average pre-orientation camp; it's called a boot camp for a reason.

"Two biology tests and two chemistry tests, and we have homework assignments due every day at midnight and then you go into lectures and then you do a prep for studying and then from there you go and take the lecture test," said Michelangelo Tallog, an incoming freshman at UNR.

The grades don't count, but from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., these incoming freshmen are learning, first hand, what it's like when the pressure is on.

"The way they designed this program is as if you didn't study at all this semester so you have to cram for one week for midterms," Tallog said.

"When they come to college and they start to experience stress and anxiety like they've never felt before, they are like paralyzed with fear, said Christina Cho, the director of advising, recruitment & retention. "They don't know what to do, so if we put them through it once, at least when they come to college and they are at least it won't be foreign to them."

As grueling as it sounds, this five-day program gives students the tools they need to feel comfortable on their first day of school, paving the way for a successful college career.

"I really slacked off in high school, so I wanted to jump the gun and be more prepared for college," said Tallog.

In between studying and taking exams, students are developing necessary skill sets to survive in college.

"How to deal with stress, how to take notes effectively, financial literacy, making sure they understand how to balance a budget," said Cho.

"Whatever you're struggling with, they're struggling with too so it's nice common ground to make friends with as well," said Tallog.

School doesn't start for another week, but these students will already feel right at home.