Nevada State Education Association Delivering Signatures to Election Departments

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RENO, NV.--The Nevada State Education Association has collected nearly 150,000 signatures for a proposal to increase funding for the state school system.

On Tuesday, those signatures will be delivered to several election departments throughout the state.

The proposal called "Education Initiation" would impose a 2% margin tax on businesses earning more than a million dollars. Businesses have challenged the proposal with lawsuits.

NESA's goal was to collect over 72,000 signatures so the proposal could be considered during the 2013 Legislative Session. NESA ended up doubling that amount.

If the proposal is approved by the election departments, the initiative would be in the hands of lawmakers next year. If the proposal is approved by Legislators, the tax would be implemented in January of 2014, if approved by voters the initiative would be implemented in January of 2015.