Nevada Sales Up in February

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Taxable sales in Nevada rose 4.6 percent in February over the same month a year ago, with several sectors reporting strong gains.

In a report released Tuesday, the Department of Taxation says Nevada merchants sold $3.5 billion in goods in February, on which the state collected $280 million in gross taxes.

Sales in Clark County were up 10.4 percent, while Washoe County in northern Nevada saw a 10.7 percent gain.

Statewide, eight of Nevada's 17 counties reported increased sales activity.

Sales of durable goods increased 8.3 percent, while vehicle and parts sales rose 6.2 percent.

Bar and restaurant sales posted a 10.2 percent increase and accommodations rose 3.6 percent. Both are indicators on the health of Nevada's vital tourist industry.

On the flip side, construction sales fell 77 percent.