Nevada Prepaid Tuition Deadline Looms

RENO, NV - Here on the quad at UNR, that bell has rung for years.

What else can be counted on, the students who hear that bell are paying higher and higher tuition costs every year.

Dan Dykes says 16 years ago, when his son was just nine years old, the thought of paying for college was daunting.

That's why he and his wife took advantage of the, then, newly-established Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program

“At the time when he was getting ready to graduate was during the economic downturn. And it would have been almost impossible for me to fund his education from those dollars, so the prepaying was an excellent decision,” says Dykes.

Nevada's prepaid tuition program has been going on since 1998 here in Nevada; currently the state has 16,000 contracts with families who are paying into the program now, and will be able to pay for four years of college in Nevada by the time the child graduates from high school.

“Imagine if your child had been five years old in 2001. And you bought a prepaid tuition at that time for four years at the university. Today your child was going to go to UNR or UNLV you would have saved $13,000 dollars. That's not bad huh?” says Kate Marshall, Nevada State Treasurer

Currently a little more than 28% of Nevadans have a degree higher than a high school diploma.

Marshall says in just six years, more than 38% of jobs in our state will require at least a four-year degree.

The Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program, she says, is one way to prepare your child for the future--without in many cases having the burden of college loans to pay off.

If you'd like to learn more about Nevada's Prepaid Tuition Program or want to sign up--remember the deadline is February 28th.