Nevada Portion of the Holloway Fire is Contained

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RENO, Nev. -- The Holloway fire is getting closer to full containment. The portion of the fire that is in Nevada is already under control. Overall containment stands at 91%.

According to an operations chief working on the Nevada side of the fire, crews are "fully engaged in rehab," meaning they are repairing fences which were cut for firefighting equipment and creating anti-erosion barriers along fire lines.

On the Oregon side of the fire, firefighting efforts are focused on holding fire lines and putting out any flames or hot-spots near the fire lines. This is especially important because red flag warnings for dry lightning in addition to erratic winds are forecast for Saturday across Oregon.

The size of the fire was re-assessed with global-positioning technology and is estimated at 461,047 acres. As firefighting priorities shift, some personnel and equipment will be sent to other fires or home.