Nevada Honors Fallen Peace Officers

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CARSON CITY, NV - The state's Law Enforcement Memorial lists 123 names, all peace officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

The oldest predates the state itself. Carson Sheriff John Blackburn was killed making an arrest in 1861 when Nevada was still a state.

In ceremonies on the Capitol Plaza in Carson City Thursday, four more men were honored.

One had been overlooked for years. Carson City Officer Vernon Carvin suffered a fatal heart attack struggling with a drunk during Nevada Day festivities in 1949, but had somehow escaped the attention of the memorial's commission.

The oversight was corrected this year after his daughter in law pointed it out.

Carvin was joined by Washoe Sheriff's Lieutenant Glenn Barnes who died in training in 1991 and Elko County Sheriff's Deputy Denny Van Lawrence who succumbed in 2012, years after suffering a head wound in a shootout near Jackpot.

Former State Senator Bill Raggio, was also honored. Raggio, a former Washoe District Attorney, died last year.

The occasion seemed the right time to unveil a plaque and a tree planting a short distance from the law enforcement memorial.

Tomorrow t 10 a.m., there will be similar ceremonies at the James Hoff Peace Officers Memorial in Reno's Idlewild Park