Nevada Helps Colorado Victims

RENO, NV - The first truck arrived at the distribution center to collect supplies for Colorado flood victims about 11:30AM Wednesday.

At the Red Cross West Coast Distribution Center on USA Parkway, items are stored for emergencies.

Roy Jensen says he's been getting calls since Tuesday non-stop about what is needed, who will be there to pick up the materials, and what time they will be there.

He's been using three phones to get that accomplished.

“Got the call yesterday at about 3 o'clock. The actual order was sent to us about 10 minutes later, the final order was confirmed about 20 minutes after that and UPS is spending their dollar to make this happen,” says Jensen

Jensen says each disaster is different.

There are 9 items on the most-needed list; they include cleanup kits, rakes, shovels and coolers.

The pallets containing those items are taken down from shelves sometimes two stories high.

And it's not just one or two of these items; organizers in Colorado have requested 4300 rakes and 4200 coolers alone.

The items are staged so that once the truck gets here, it takes little time to load them. Volunteers say about in hour, including loading, paperwork, and sealing the cargo.

The first driver told us he'll be in Colorado Thursday night--other drivers are expected to be there no later than Friday night.