Nevada Health Insurance Web Site Has Some Bugs

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RENO -- Nevada Health Link launched with some bugs Tuesday. Administrators of the site said it launched about seventeen minutes late at 8:17 a.m.

"We had problems with account creation in the beginning but we've been able to solve that," the communications officer for the site said.

The site enables users to browse for, and buy, private health insurance plans in order to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act.

Marcus Davis is one of several people trained to assist those in enrollment.

"You just give us all your information and we go on there and access it and input it to either see if you qualify for the medicaid or the exchange," he said.

At least forty-four-hundred had created accounts to buy insurance as of Wednesday morning, according to a state health exchange official.

Still, not all the bugs had been worked out of the system by Wednesday. Administrators said a federal system needed to prove a person's identity had not been working.

The Spanish language version of the site has also had its launch delayed -- now set for November.