Nevada Guard Loses One of its Own in Sparks Shooting

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RENO -- The Nevada Guard is remembering a decorated airman and teacher at Sparks Middle School. 45-year-old Michael Landsberry died trying to stop the gunman during a shooting at the school Monday morning, according to police. To those who knew Landsberry, his actions are no surprise.

"That was Mike he would jump right in, I know all that was going through his head was to protect these kids," Senior Master Sgt. Robert Garrett, who knew Landsberry since the two were in middle school together, said.

Landsberry joined the Nevada Air National Guard twelve years ago. He served one hundred twenty three days in Afghanistan, and one hundred twenty days in Kuwait. He volunteered to go to Kuwait in 2006. He is the recipient of numerous awards. A spokesman for the Guard said Landsberry was a transportation specialist, and Landsberry's responsibilities included loading cargo on planes.

"Very brave, very professional I can not talk highly enough of him," Garrett said. Garrett said Landsberry's training played a factor in his heroic actions when a student opened fire before the first bell rang.

Garrett also described Landsberry as a devoted husband and step father of two. He said Landsberry was always the first to arrive at training and the last to leave. He said Landsberry was the go-to person when something needed done.

"He was a really great person and he really loved his kids and he would have done anything for them, and he did," Master Sgt. Randy Moorhous said.

In addition to his service in the Nevada Guard, Landsberry was in the Marine Corps.

The Nevada Guard said a memorial would be held, but no details were immediately available.